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Excerpts from e-DISHA'20 Symposium

The eDISHA'20 Symposium was held on 17th February 2020 at NCL Auditorium, Pune under the Aegis if IIChE Pune Regional Center. It was co-organized by IISER-NCL and Equinox Software and Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune. The Symposium covered many aspects of IT, OT and IOT. There were a total of 11 invited speakers who covered a wide range of topics, such as:

  • >> Information Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IOT) applications in process industry
  • >> Applications in Process Engineering:
  • >> Applications in Process Manufacturing:
  • >> Adoption History: How these tools have been embraced by Large, Medium and even Small Scale companies - A view from Indian and World markets
  • >> Deciphering the road map for introducing Industry 4.0 solutions in your organization.

The Symposium was well attended by 125 delegates, including 85 from Chemical Process Industry, covering about 30 Organizations. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Ashwini Kumar, Director of National Chemical Laboratories, Pune, who emphasized a caution point regarding actually seamlessly adopting Industry 4.0 vis-a-vis ground reality prevailing in India. The Plenary Speakers were Chief Guest Mr. Alok Khanna (E.D- IS at Indian Oil Corporation) and Mr. V. Marathe (Sr.VP. - R&D Reliance Industries Ltd). The event had three main sessions having three speakers each. Mr. Alok Pandit, CEO of Equinox and Dr. Sanjay Kamble, who is Chairman of IIChE-PRC and Principal Scientist at IISER-NCL, gave the Welcome address.

The Honorable Speakers at the Symposium covered a lot of ground.

  • >> Mr. A. Parasnis, from NewBox Consulting, spoke about the roadmap to Industry 4.0.
  • >> Mr. Atul Jaywant, CIO of Aditya Birla Group, emphasized on break up of complex problems to simpler elements and to focus on B2C. B2C is increasingly important as it is the supply chain's final goal even if an industry makes intermediate products; were key notable advises of the Symposium.
  • >> Dr. Tambe, Former Head of Chemical Engineering Group, NCL, presented his paper on ANN, Artificial Neural Network to solve Industrial optimization problems with a case study of NTPC.

The international Symposium had two invited speakers from the United States of America,

  • >> Dr. Kevin Joback, who has won world acclaim for demonstrating a software capable of instantaneously displaying forty thermophysical properties based on molecular name and structure.
  • >> Dr. Prithvi of SEEQ Corporation USA, presented her company's visionary software tool meant specially for process industry analytics.

There were Automation majors like Honeywell India, Rockwell India and B&R Industrial Automation, (Part of ABB) presenting their perspective for achieving Industry 4.0 adoption.

Indicus, a leading IOT Platform Developer based in Pune, who has its client foot print across the world, also shared its views on challenges in IOT adoption by the Process Industry.

The Organizing Secretary of eDISHA'20, Mr. Ameya Thombre, Equinox Software, gave the closing remarks of the inaugural series of eDISHA Symposiums.


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