Crude Assay Management

Equinox join hands with world leader Chevron, to bring the latest Assay information on worldwide crude oils, right at your door step!

Crude Assay Management
Latest Assay information on worldwide crude oils, right at your door step!

The Aspen Assay Management System, a key component of Aspen PIMS, Aspen HYSYS, and Aspen Unified, now includes the capability to use the world’s most comprehensive, popular, and respected crude assay library from Chevron.  Including more than 2500 assays for over 1000 unique crudes, the Chevron Assay Library provides a licensed user unparalleled capability for modelling crude distillation operations.  

While accurate modelling of physical units in a refinery has been achieved, the variability of predicting the yields and properties of the distillation products for hundreds of different crudes whose characteristics not only change among crudes, but also within shipments of the same crude is a major problem for refinery models.  By combining the capabilities of the Aspen Assay Management System with the Chevron Assay Library, more accurate evaluations of crude purchase choices and plant operations can be achieved to a level previously unavailable.

Access to the Chevron Assay Library is available in PIMS, HYSYS, and Aspen Unified beginning with the next release.

The Chevron Assay Library for use with AspenTech’s products can be acquired from Equinox Software and Services Pvt. Ltd., India (EQNX).  Through a tripartite  agreement among Chevron, AspenTech, and Equinox, the assay library interface shall remain up to date. Equinox will provide directly an independent contracting, licensing and delivery of Chevron assay library to Aspen Tech customers.  


To know more details or obtain licensing for the Chevron Assay Library in AspenTech’s products, contact:

Mr. Deepak Seth or Mr. Aniruddha Chipalkatty /

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