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Training at Equinox

Appropriate training can bridge the gap between actual usage and real potential of software within your organization. We offer a suite of public courses, and customized in-house programs on request.

Equinox Institute of Chemical Engineers
Process Software Applications Training Worldwide

Practical solutions and insight

Our courses are driven by relevant, practical exercises supported by experienced instructors and background presentations. This gives the student the insight and the ability to use the software with confidence to exploit its immense potential.

Equinox Training Philosophy

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

-: Confucius:-

Equinox recognizes that the half life of an engineer, defined as the period during which half of the knowledge and skills acquired during the engineering program would become obsolete, has been gradually decreasing.

The founders of EQUINOX, based on their decades of service in the global, high-tech industry, have also felt an ever increasing gap between the knowledge of theoretical concepts that engineers learn in college and their ability to practically apply these concepts in day-to-day problem solving.

Equinox therefore believes that its consulting and training practices complement each other rather strongly, offering a dual advantage to its customers. By design Equinox staff is tasked to spend its time equally on consulting and training practice. Thus all our trainers are essentially practicing consultants, with clear vision of application and all our consultants are trainers, with clear vision of theoretical fundamentals. What you have then is a homogeneous blend of real-life experience, examples and expertise coupled with expert explanations of the concepts and applications.

Equinox strongly believes in the age old wisdom of Confucius. Therefore, in our programs, the emphasis is on learning by seeing (demonstration) and doing. Therefore, our programs constitute lectures with instructor-led demos as required (LEC-DEM FORMAT), combined with real-life problem solving, which are interspersed with discussions and anecdotes (WORKSHOP FORMAT)

Consulting and Training practices together help Equinox in designing and executing perfect solutions!!

Equinox Training Programs at a glance

Name Description Level Duration Eligibility Industry Focus
EQUIK.PROCESS Insight into steady-state simulation Basic 3 days, Full time ChE Degree General/All
EQUIK.PLANT Introduction to steady-state and dynamic modeling Basic 3 days, Full time ChE Degree General/All
EQUIK.CONTROL Advanced program on dynamic simulation Advanced 3 days, Full time ChE Degree General/All
EQUIP Finishing school program for graduating engineers Advanced 3 months, Part time ChE Degree Operating and EPC Companies
Sr.No. Training Program Duration Day Date Industry Specific Training Program Duration Day Date
1 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 17-Sep-2018 to 19-Sep-2018 LNG Regasification 2 20-Sep-2018 to 21-Sep-2018
2 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 15-Oct-2018 to 17-Oct-2018 NG Sweetening 2 18-Oct-2018 to 19-Oct-2018
3 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 19-Nov-2018 to 21-Nov-2018 Diesel Hydrotreating 3 22-Nov-2018 to 24-Nov-2018
4 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 17-Dec-2018 to 19-Dec-2018 Catalytic Cracking 3 20-Dec-2018 to 22-Dec-2018
5 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 14-Jan-2019 to 16-Jan-2019 Combined Cycle power plant 3 17-Jan-2019 to 19-Jan-2019
6 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 18-Feb-2019 to 20-Feb-2019 Ammonia 3 21-Feb-2019 to 23-Feb-2019
7 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 18-Mar-2019 to 20-Mar-2019 LNG Regasification 2 21-Mar-2019 to 22-Mar-2019
8 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 15-Apr-2019 to 17-Apr-2019 NG Sweetening 2 18-Apr-2019 to 19-Apr-2019
9 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 20-May-2019 to 22-May-2019 Diesel Hydrotreating 3 23-May-2019 to 25-May-2019
10 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 17-Jun-2019 to 19-Jun-2019 Catalytic Cracking 3 20-Jun-2019 to 22-Jun-2019
11 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 15-July-2019 to 17-July-2019 Combined Cycle power plant 3 18-July-2019 to 20-July-2019
12 EQUIK.PROCESS 3 19-Aug-2019 to 21-Aug-2019 Ammonia 3 22-Aug-2019 to 24-Aug-2019

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