General NotesApart from improving yield/recovery of desired component(s), MBDS also adds value in many other ways, such as:
  • Plus any value for Secondary Recoverable Solvent
  • Plus gain of additional capacity due to reduction in Batch Time
  • Plus any energy savings in condenser and re-boiler due to reduction in Reflux Ratio (see Case Study, ROI-II)
  • Plus environmental gain due to lower carbon footprint
  • Plus ability to create recipe for streams hitherto un-processed (see Case Study, ROI-II)
  • Plus higher price realization due to higher purity of recovered solvent
System: MIBK-Cyclohexane-Toluene-Water System Present Operation:
  • Plant had never distilled this system
  • A lot of solvent had accumulated in the storage tank
Objective: Design an operating recipe:
  • MIBK purity ~99.5 wt% & Moisture ~0.8 wt%
  • MIBK recovery ≥ 80.0 %
  • Condenser min. temp. approach ≥ 5 °C
  • Reflux rate < 5 m3/hr
  • Re-boiler min. temp. approach ≥ 5 °C
Assumptions for ROI Calculation:
1 Typical Batch Distillation Size 5000 liter/Batch
2 Since these streams are being sold, as spent, the current recovery is set to: (In fact in this case, this stream has never been processed in the plant) 0%
3 Benefit analysis is done based on Main Recoverable Solvent value
4 The spent solvent is sold at Rs.10/- per liter
5 Price of fresh MIBK is 110/- per liter
6 Feed Composition is given below:
Component wt%
Cyclohexane 22.69
Toluene 2.29
MIBK 73.01
Water 2.00
System/Column C2
Available, Lit Per Month 20000
Column Thruput Rate, Lit/Batch 5000
Number of Batch/Month 4
Main Recoverable Solvent MIBK
Secondary Recoverable Solvent CH, Toluene
Main Recoverable Solvent, wt% 73.0%
Recoverable Solvent, Lit/Month 14600
Current Recovery 0%
Current Loss, Lit/Month 14600
Additional Recovery, % of Loss 90% 90%
Additional Recovery, Lit/Month 13140
Spent Realization, Rs/Lit 10
Fresh Solvent Price, Rs/Lit 110
Net Gain, Rs/Lit 100
Money Saved, Lakh/Month 13.1
  • The plant actually achieved a recovery of 95%+
  • But even taking 90% recovery, the monthly benefit is 13 lakhs
  • That gives a payback of less than a month

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