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We understand that electrolyte chemistry and thermodynamics are complex and can intimidate most Engineers.

However, at Equinox we believe that this should not prevent you from addressing your electrolytic, corrosion, water chemistry and scaling problems. Get in touch with us.

OLI Systems is an established world leader in Electrolyte Thermodynamics, Corrosion Simulation and Scaling Prediction software. Some of the simulation and consulting services we offer using OLI Systems products include:

  • In depth electrolyte chemistry and thermodynamics studies, including equilibrium calculations such as pH, precipitation, alkalinity etc
  • Determination of rates of corrosion model for various metals and chemical kinetics
  • Model growth and breakdown of passive films, localized corrosion and stability diagrams as functions of T, P, pH, composition etc
  • Comprehensive water analysis and water treatment simulation
  • Predict mineral precipitation and scaling tendencies
  • Simulation of well profiles, mixing waters, reservoir saturation etc
Challenge Solution Benefits

To overcome electrolytic chemistry challenges of most rigorous and accurate process modeling and simulation, extensive chemistry property database, differentiated thermodynamic and kinetic models and accurate prediction of the behavior of virtually any combination of chemicals in electrolyte solutions.

Adopt OLI Systems, It deliver solutions for water chemistry based industrial applications that enhance engineering productivity, operational efficiency and sustainability.

It accurately predict electrolyte chemistry, mineral scaling prediction, corrosion science, equipment fouling, oil & gas,  thermodynamic modeling, IoT, predictive maintenance, and corrosion prediction.

  • It is used to develop both the framework and the parameters for the framework that make it possible to accurately predict the behavior of virtually any combination of chemicals in electrolyte solutions
  • OLI Systems delivers solutions for chemistry, mineral scaling prediction, corrosion science, process simulation, equipment fouling, oil & gas, power generation, environmental,  thermodynamic modeling,  analytics, predictive maintenance, and corrosion

ScaleChem CaCo3 Pre-scaling Tendency
Corrosion Analyzer

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