Model Based Consulting – Technology Analysis

Industry: Power, Fertilizer.

Business Area: New Technology Analysis – Green  Gas (GHG) Management


An innovation-driven company was focused on Technology & Solutions for Capture, Transport and Storage of Green  Gases. One of the focus areas was to develop and offer state-of- absorption solvents for processes needing CO2 absorption from various sources including waste/flue gases. The company developed its own proprietary solvent (patented) for the above application.

Business Objective:

Relative techno-commercial evaluation of conventional solvents with the new solvent, as applied to CO2 absorption.


Integrated Capital Cost, Operating Cost & Process Modeling.


The project covered developing & applying a custom thermodynamics property package for the new solvent to be used as a study basis. The complete process flow sheet with conventional & new solvent was built with equipment sizing being used as the basis for capital cost & operating cost evaluation.

Column Summary









Number of stages303029
Top stage pressure [kPa]109.920230
Specified distillate rate [kmol/hr] 2540
Calculated reflux ratio5.11445.09634.311
Calculated bottoms rate [kmol/hr]539.843403.113133.305
Calculated boil up rate [kmol/hr]92.48848.8995.588
Calculated distillate rate [kmol/hr]79.1928.9673.895
Condenser / top stage temperature [C]41.777.252.2
Condenser / top stage pressure [kPa]109.920230
Condenser / top stage reflux rate [kmol/hr]404.978404.379133.635
Reboiler pressure [kPa]109.920230
Reboiler temperature [C]51.3122.870.3
Reboiler heat duty [Watt]054707174858
Calculated boil up ratio 0.12130.0419
Calculated mass boil up ratio0.19230.08790.0314


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