Sharing Project Experiences with Colleagues

Equinox believes in creating an environment where everybody is encouraged to ask questions, and help professionals in all your locations and job positions stay updated with the latest information in their field.

When employees, teams and leaders share ideas and resources with each other, the feeling that they pursue a common goal becomes authentic. The feeling of being part of a functional and collaborative team boosts enthusiasm and empowers everyone to exchange knowledge.

Following this idea, a knowledge sharing session was delivered by our team members on ‘Propane Dehydrogenation Unit Modeling’ based on the recent project delivered by them.

The session was a brief introduction of the scope area for the model development, the procedure followed for the entire model building, the challenges faced and their respective solutions. The session was interactive and helpful for all the other team members.

It is a regular practice at Equinox to arrange such knowledge sharing sessions.

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