Case Studies


Company relocating Nitric Acid plant from the USA uses the steady-state model to rated capacity, increase capacity by 24% Plant relocation is a tricky exercise – apart from the logistics of relocation, one has to make sure that the plant will indeed give its rated production, at the new location. A carefully calibrated simulation study […]
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Model Based Consulting – Technology Analysis

Industry: Power, Fertilizer. Business Area: New Technology Analysis – Green  Gas (GHG) Management Background:  An innovation-driven company was focused on Technology & Solutions for Capture, Transport and Storage of Green  Gases. One of the focus areas was to develop and offer state-of- absorption solvents for processes needing CO2 absorption from various sources including waste/flue gases. The company developed its own proprietary solvent (patented) for the above […]
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Ethanol Dynamic Simulation

Ethanol Plant Dynamic Model helps overcome design issues leading to smoother startup for a South Asia client. The downstream section of an Ethanol plant purifies the coming from the fermenter into valuable Ethanol. This section typically consists of a series of distillation columns and an evaporation section. Although, distillation being an open- form, many proprietary […]
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Refinery Reactor Modeling and Analysis

An integrated Asian Upstream- Refining- PetChem Major required a high fidelity first fundamental refinery reactor simulation model of its proprietary in- RFCC technology, to achieve the business objective of enhanced performance from its assets As the demand for asset utilization coupled with energy optimization increases, a rigorous process simulation model becomes a critical aid. A […]
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Simulation Of A Gas Processing Facility

Client Profile: One of the world’s leading integrated oil and gas companies (a global Super Major) with a business presence in 70+ countries. The company’s business is divided into two key Operating Segments- Upstream and Downstream. The value creation across the hydrocarbon value chain starts with exploration and ends with the supply of energy and […]
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OTS India Alcohol

Engineering Lifecycle applied to Ethanol Plant – Process Design Study, Process Analysis & Operator Training Simulator (OTS) System! A Proprietary Process for producing Ethanol was focused on applying the concept of Process Engineering Lifecycle for improving the process efficiency, validating the new control schemes, and to train the plant operators on the new process. The […]
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